"Culture outperforms strategy every time; and culture with strategy is unbeatable"

Quint Studer

Organisational culture is best understood as "the way things are done around here". It is a combination of the behaviours, beliefs, assumptions and values held by people within an organisation and this dictates "how" we do something as opposed to "what" we do. We believe that individuals and organisations are unique and therefore creating a competitive point of differentiation requires a detailed understanding of how they compete through the use of their people’s discretionary effort.

Businesses that foster a culture based on a strong set of values and hold people accountable for delivering to those values significantly impact the degree to which individuals contribute to the organisation's goals and objectives. In our experience, dysfunction in organisations and teams predominantly occurs when there is an inconsistency between stated values and culture and the actual behaviours manifested within the business on a day-to-day basis. At any point, an organisation’s structure and culture can be created, managed and re-aligned with organisational goals if the appropriate strategy and interventions are put into place.

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