"Nothing is more important than hiring people.
At the end of the day, you bet on people, not strategies"

Lawrence Bossidy

Individuality enhances performance and success. As each person becomes more vital in delivering organisational success, the recruitment and selection of the right individual with the right skills, aptitude and attitude for the right job is becoming even more critical.

Organisations that align their human resource strategy with their business goals understand that in order to get the most from people as individuals, they need to not only be able to perform the role but compliment the team and fit the business in relation to capabilities and psychological make up. As each person's skills, abilities, attitudes and personalities differ from those of others, it is critical that organisations become smarter in identifying the correct "fit" between the individual and the business if it seeks to improve recruitment, retention and ultimately business performance.

At Infinitely People we assist our clients in integrating human resource planning through the design and implementation of a variety of resourcing techniques to ensure they have more accurate, effective and robust processes for recruitment and promotion decisions at all levels within the business.

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